Zola Jesus delivers “Dangerous Days”

Well look who popped up on Vogue.com today…must be because the video looks so incredible and the new single…shimmering.  Plus there’s that spooky goat-wool cape worn previously by NYC performance artist Marina Abramovic.

In describing her to a friend via text I simply said, “She’s so fashiony.”

Enjoy!  And here’s a snippet from my interview with Nika last year

I’d rather be listening to the Paradise Edition.

Somehow I find Lady Gaga easier to take watching this morning’s hour long keynote interview at SXSW by John Norris than I’ve found her in any other instance from 2013 until now. (And when I say ‘keynote’ I mean it loosely, as it used to be that SXSW keynotes were more about the state of the industry than about the artist personally…which this attempts to do, but…it’s really more about Gaga). Yes her Artpop album is dismal, yes her performance at SXSW wasn’t quite as artful and terrific as she seems to think that it was (it was actually awful), yes her mind wanders and are we seriously talking about Doritos??? But, then when I listen to her I think “ok, she’s not sooooo bad in person.” Maybe I’m actually the one that’s detached from reality.


LANA MAY 27 2014(1)

In more flawless news, tickets came and tickets went for the WaMu Theater’s upcoming Lana Del Rey performance. In fact the entire North American tour is sold out, except Montreal (which goes on sale tomorrow). The cavernous WaMu Theater holds 3,500 to 7,200 depending on the configuration – in this case I’m sure it’s going to be stuffed to capacity or more – so a sell out in just over 24 hours speaks volumes.

Lana is coming. Look busy.